• Quittance

  • Butée AS0840

  • Butée AS0815

  • Butée AS0815 décompo

  • Butée AS0840

  • Butée AS0815 décompo

  • Butée AS0815 - décompo

  • Butée AS1050

  • Butée AS1260

  • Butée AS18100 - décompo


  • Allows to obtain a maintained pre-information about running(race) « C » from 10 mm
  • with regard to compare with the putting in abuttement
  • Considerable for the increase of the cadences by anticipation of following sequences even commands of secondary elements such as buffet, suction cups, préhenseurs etc. at masked time.
  • Visualization of this information by LED about all the pre-running.
  • Bumped off in long axis in diameters 10 and 12 mm with standard head for editing of receipt QE-OSN-PS-11L (Idem dimensions (QE-022-PS-11L).
  • Adjustable of position at the end of running(race), by direct action on abutment in the step of 100.
  • Avoid the assembly(editing) of two or N distributed sensors and their cabling.
  • Connecting of the receipt by cable normalizes ISO, right or angled

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